Friday, April 11, 2008

my reserch paper

my reserch paper topic:
"Why Asians are shyer than Westerns"

1. Why did I chose this topic?

Because I always think that Asians are shyer than Westerns.
When i lived in Japan, I have never thought so becuase there are almost only Japanese in Japan. I think that I have met less than 20 forigners in my life, so I didn't know Western people's personality. I know that personality is different between each person, but I want to know the nationals personality.
Have you ever experience when you were in discussion, many Western peoples spoken many things in front of many people? This time, did Asian people speak many times?
I think that this oen of the reason is Asians are shyer than Westerns.

2. Why are people interested in this topic?

I think some poeple have thought "I am shy" in Canada. Becuase we are required to speak in front of many people. I think Asian people think so.
When i was a elementary, junior high school,and high school student, i didn't need to speak my opinion in front of my classmates. Sometimes my teachers aske me a answer, but this answer is comprete answer. I don't need to speak my opinions. Do you think it is connected to shy?I want to reserch it.

this is my topic youtube!!!!
He is sooooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!
he always play drama alone!!
he does 2 characters!!he said that suddenly he is ugry! he is soooo funny!!!
secound one is not my topic! but it is just so funny!
so please watch it!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tuesdays with Morrie

Bofore reading this book in our class,I have never seen and read this book!!!!Young said that there is same book in Korea!!!!!!!It is really famouse book, isnt't it?????I think that this book gave me enough food for thought!!!!!!!
Honestly, it is very difficult for me to understand, but now I think that I want to become a adalt like Morrie. He is ver old, but I think he knows what is the life.He would experienced many things even though it was good things or bad things.I always think that I don't want to experience bad things for my life.It will make me sad and suffer!However he said that don't worry about many things; for example, it is love. I always don't try to experience bad thigs for me becouse i don't want to hurt! After reading it, I think that experiencing bad things for my life will become useful materials for me!!!!!
I always think that i don't become older than now. I think that 20 years old is best age for me. After becoming 21 years old, my skin will be so bad. I don't want to become it. I also think taht I am afraid of death, so i don't want to become older than now. After reading the book, my opinion was changed a little bit.
I want to read this book again 5 years later.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

amazing speech

It is about Steve Jobs's (co-founder and CEO of Apple) speech!!!
His speech was really nice!!
i was very impressed by his speech!
i really want to listen many great speechs.....
i hope i can hear very nice speech in my unknown university's graduate ceremony!
Maybe i can hear, but it is very far future!!!
(becuase i am third year university student in Japan! I am 20 years old!!)

this is summary about this speech!

He talked about 3things!
thoese are about conecting dots, loving and losting, and death.

first he talked about his life. He didn't graduate from the college.
His mother has never gratuated from the college, and his father has never graduated from the hight school.
when he wanted his father to sign up for his college, he ferused to sign up.
However his father promised that he will go to the college.
He entered his college, but his parents don't have a lot of money.
he didn't have idea what did he want to do.
He decided to drop this college.
This time he tought that it is impossible for him to connect every experiences.
However it was very cleary after he became 20 years old.
He wanted to say that we have to trast dots will connect in the future!
We have to trast someting what you want, and you can get confidence!

Secound is loving and losting.
Now his company's profit is 20 billion per year, and his company has 40000 employees.
However it was NOT very easy way!
He has many experienced about filure and loving.
He said we can fine something what we love to do. It is our jobs.
Our work is large party in our lofe.
We have to work for our lovers.
If someone don't find it, he have to keep lokking!

Third is death.
When he was 17 years old, he always stood in front of the mirror every morinig becuase he tought it was the last day for his life.
We know we are going to die, so the best way he knows is avoid to try to think something for you.
Recently, he found cancer, his docter siad that he could live just 3months.
Fortunatly, he is fine now!
he said we face death everyday. Nobody wants to die.
Our time is limitated, so we don't waste your time by living when you are thinking another person evert times.

Finally, he said his policies.
those are taht stay hungry and stay foolish!

my summary is very long......because I wrote down many tings.....
I'm sorry for guys who is seeing it............

It is my oppinion.
I want to talk about connecting dots story.
When I was 10 years old, I went to Europe for visiting.
This time I was participated in calligraphy shool, and my work was chosen!
my work was in Europe, and some family bought my works.
This trip is about our calligraphy works!
This time, I was not interested in English and culture, altough i went to the English shool.
Afther I went to Europe, I became be interested in English and another country culture.
I decided to live in foreign county.
When i became 18 yeaes old, I decided to go to the university which I can study Englsh and world issues.
Unfortunatly, i failed this university..........
I really didn't want to my university, but I must to go this university.
I went to my university unwillingly first time.
BUT! I met very nice friends, and my opinion changed gradually.
I really enjoyed my school life becouse of my friends.
In addition, my university can admit to go to forigen country to study English!
SO! I wasn't absent from school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is so nice system for me and my family!
Now i really tought we have a connecting dots!
We must believe ourself, and trust ourselves!

now it is 1 a.m.
I am so sleepy..............
i will study for tomorrow's test and go to bed!
good night!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

School trip: Sugar maple Syrup Festibal

today i went to the school trip!!!!!

yesterday i went snowbording!!!!!!
i was so so so so so enjoy! you know i am at very good snowbording!!!!
anyway, i didn't excercise long time, so now my body was so terrible.........
yesterday i tried to turn 360° angle!
it was for the first time , so i falled many times........
now i have mascular rheumatism...........
so today i couldn't move puickly.....

this trip, we can larn how to make cup of maple syrup!
I am in Canada~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iwant to know how to make it, so it was really wonderful experience!!!!!!
Truthfully, i didn't know cup of maple syrup made from tree!!haha
It is so nice!!!!!!!
you know if you want to make cup of maple syrup, you have to boil it over 3 days!
and you have to change pan tree times.
Maple syrup must be 66.5( this is sugger degree)
0.5 is very important!!!!
I think that i had good experience!!!!!
Today i ate a pan cake with maple syrup! it was so good!!!!!

this weekend it was so nice!
i hope next week is so nice too!
No more boring weekend!!

Friday, March 7, 2008



my name is Rui!!!!!

i came from Japan!!!!!

I like dancing, but recently i don't go to a club every friday!

my hobby is dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

becuase when i was in japan, i was belong to Dance club!

but recently i haven't danced long time...............

and i love drinking!

if you go to drink, please invite me!!!!!haha

and i really learn another language!!

please teach me!!!!!

especially, i wanna larn KOREAN!!!!!!!!hahaha

if you wanna study japanese, i can teach you!

but it is my home town daialect!!NOBODY KNOWS!!

about my hometown

hometown is Shiga!this is prefecture!!

almost nobody knows!!!

Shiga is reallu rural town!

but my hometown has the biggest lake in Japan!

red one is my hometown!!!!!!

my hometown is really small!

i think one of the rulest town in shga prefecture......

nothing to do......

but i really love my homwtown!!